United Technologies LLC provides commercial security systems that combines leading edge, innovative high quality integrated security services, protecting businesses, government institutuions, and industrial customers with outstanding customer service to meet any business security needs.

Commercial Services Include:

INTRUSION- Custom burglary alarms including door sensors, motion detectors, glass break detectors and cellular back up.

SURVEILLANCE - Closed circuit televisions to protect your business from theft. (Analog, Digital, Covert, B&W, Color, Internal, External)

ACCESS CONTROL - U-Tech can set up software based authorized entry systems for your business. Internal & external readers, photo ID, printers, software for network access to remote sites, proximity, biometric, magstripe and barcode.

Risks to your business security - and bottom line - can take various forms. Fire, theft and even workplace violence are all potential threats that make loss prevention essential.

Call 804-553-3116 today to arrange a free business security evaluation and review. Our knowledgeable consultant will assess the risks and threats to your business property and employees safety, and make recommendatiosn that will fit your budget.

Learn more about United Technologie's business security and loss prevention solutions.

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